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When you have gained information of someone else who passed wind, within 1 minute 30 Seconds, you can safely let a silent one out and the blame will be on the person who everyone knows let one rip.

After the 1 Minute 30 Seconds has passed, the cover of the other person will be lost and you will need to find another person to blame it on or leave the area ASAP.
While sitting in the living room, Toohey let one rip, meanwhile, Leigh silently let the mother of all stinks out and left Toohey with the blame.

A perfectly executed CamoFart.
by L.Rollo October 04, 2009


The art of disguising or completely hiding audible flatulence farts , with a well timed cough .
I had to camofart in church today , I was worried I hadn't camofarted it well , but it turns out no-one heard it but EVERYONE smelled it !
by GordoPFC June 06, 2014
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