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Cameron is the sweetest guy you'll ever meet and is very different from everyone else. He knows just how to make you laugh at things you never saw funny before. You get a feeling of butterflies every time your with him. Your scared to mess up in front of him but he will still adore you either way. He's the most loyal and honest guy you'll ever meet. And very good at sports, especially soccer, football, or baseball. Keep him around, it'll end up into something good.
God, I wish my boyfriend was Cameron.
by thecoolest1234 June 20, 2011
Handsome, charming, lovable, respectful, considerate, my baby, sexy, and has an amazing body.

Is awesome and amazing to be with.

Cameron Bryant Hall is all the above.
by qonwijvqwdnv12 January 18, 2010
The girl's name Cameron \c(a)-me-
ron\, also used as boy's name Cameron, is pronounced KAM-ren. It is of Scottish and Gaelic origin, and the meaning of Cameron is "crooked nose". Scottish Highlands clan surname derived from the facial feature (Gaelic "cam sròn") and based on the nickname given a valorous ancestor. Camerons in the Lowlands were derived from Cambernon in Normandt. Actresses Cameron Diaz, Camryn Manheim.

Camerons are kind people. Its a unisex name meaning it can be for boys and girls. Camerons are popupar people. They have lots of friends but they only like some of them. Camerons are gorgeous people. Cameron make good friends, but they can sometimes be a little bossy. Camerons are very commited people and make good girlfriends But not so much in to dating and more in to finding love. Cameron make good friends.
Look at Cameron, shes so pretty.

I wish a was Cameron.

Cameron has so many friends.

I like Cameron but sometimes shes kinda bossy.
by Awesomegrly11 December 27, 2010
The sweetest, most perfect guy out there. He is not like other guys. He wont stare at other girls when he's taken, he loves babies, he likes to talk to his one and only and tells her how beautiful she is, even if she looks like absolute shit. A Cameron is a perfect boyfriend and an amazing daddy. A Cameron is usually very quiet and only befriends a select few people. He gets overwhelmed by his emotions and used to self harm, but once he finds his soul mate he is happy and does whatever he can to make his love happy. He has an amazing body, even if he disagrees, beautiful skin and breathtaking eyes. He is truly the perfect man, inside and out.
Mickey- Were you with your Cameron today?

Kristina-Yeah! He gave me roses and kept telling me how pretty I was, even after i looked like a drowned cat from the rain! He kept talking about how lucky he was to have me! hes pretty cute!

Mickey- Hang onto that hottie, sensitive AND cute. Lucky!
by Bloodstained Angel April 10, 2011
A truly amazing and kind person, he will support you through anything and always have your back. Respectful and gentle yet fun and always a laugh to be around. He may be a bit shy but if he opens up to you, you will feel like the luckiest person in the world. If you ever have a Cameron, don't let him go or you will live to regret it.
I had a Cameron once, he's off doing amazing things now and I miss him. I wish he were here with me.
by Regretting losing you July 19, 2011
to uncontrollably defecate at the point of climax while performing intercourse with another person. for maximum effect, injest mexican food and booze beforehand.
Dude, John just pulled a Cameron all over Sally.
by Jack Black March 26, 2005
A Cameron is the most amazing guy in the world. He's extremely attractive. He's there for you when you need someone to talk to. He's adorable and sweet, but he'll never admit it. He's very shy, but he's an amazing boyfriend. If you ever manage to date a Cameron, don't let him go. He'll surely be the best person you've ever dated. A Cameron is very rare to find, being as most guys in the world are complete assholes. HeAlsoWorksAtThePokemonGym<3
Girl1; Hey, I heard you're dating Cameron.
Girl1; You're so fucking lucky.
Girl2; I know, he's amazing.<3
by emilylikesmudkipz. April 11, 2011
Cameron is a boy who is usually warm, funny, caring, sunny, outdoorsy, has a good sense of humor and sarcasm, fun, loving, devoted, protective without being controlling, a natural leader who isn't bossy, strong, fierce, generally easy-going, and thoughtful. He also has a heart of gold but a badass edge. He is tall, tan, has dark hair and eyes and have an amazing smile. :)
Cameron is a great friend. You can tell him anything and he always knows what to say.
by TheManintheMirror26 October 03, 2011