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Amazing-Cameron Ray Du Plessis is incredible, gorgeous, outgoing, tenacious, romantic, trustworthy, sporty, loving and caring. He has many friends that he cares about. He gets along with many people but when you get on his bad side that's history. He is dedicated to all his sports. He is always there for you in thick or thin his sholdour will always be there to lean on. When he sets his mind to something he never gives up. He is the mosy handsome man in the universe. Once he has found the right girl for him. The most beautiful girl in the world in his eyes. He will give up everything for her. He will open up to her and show her his true colours. He will do to you as what you do to him. He is what any girl could ever wish for.
MDP: I am so lucky and proud that my baby boy is Cameron Ray Du Plessis.
by Mrs Du Plessis May 28, 2011
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