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When someone is attractive when not behind the camera, but appears non-attractive behind it. Can also be called "Facebook Ugly". This would be a horrible situation to be in if trying to explain to a friend how hot a guy is, but then their picture is horrible, causing the friend to think you're out of your mind for thinking the guy is hot. This usually happens to both genders over Facebook.
"Holy shit, this guy is hot forreal!"
"What the fuck, he's ugly!"
"No, come on, he's just Camera Ugly."


"I'd want to be be Facebook Ugly rather than Facebook Pretty, that's what Photoshop is for!"


"This chick is hot. Like, 'I'd tap that.' kind of hot."
"Eugh! Dude! She's ugly, just look at her."
"I swear to God she's not, she's just Camera Ugly!"
"Have you been smoking too many blunts?"
by ObsceneYouth November 30, 2011
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