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Camera = Latin for “room”
Obscura = Latin for “dark”

Go into a very dark room on a bright day. Make a small hole in a window cover and look at the opposite wall. What do you see? Magic! There in full color and movement will be the world outside the window — upside down! This magic is explained by a simple law of the physical world. Light travels in a straight line and when some of the rays reflected from a bright subject pass through a small hole in thin material they do not scatter but cross and reform as an upside down image on a flat surface held parallel to the hole. This law of optics was known in ancient times.

A Great Band consisting of:

Tracyanne - Vocals, Guitars
Kenny - Guitars, Vocals
Gavin - Bass Guitar
Nigel - Trumpet, Percussion
Lee - Drums, Percussion
Carey - piano, organ, Vocals
A= Camera Obscura Image of Courtyard Building, Lacock Abbey, England by Abelardo Morell
by Earl Smith July 05, 2005
<font face= times new roman><small>An amazing band.
Awww niggggga did you check out camera obscura last night? Their show was the bomb diggity.
by whore-dan December 15, 2004
Annoying Scottish twee pop band, which is fond of that wall of sound thingy. They have quite a few instruments, but you'd never know, because you can't hear most of them!

The recently released My Maudlin Career, which is probably their best effort to date.

They are continually compared with Belle & Sebastian for some reason, which is weird, because while they both produce pretty twee pop music, you can actually hear the complex instrumenation behind B&S's melodies. Personally, I don't see it.
That kid thinks that Camera Obscura is better than Belle & Sebastian, but he's an idiot.
by ella 2434 June 22, 2009
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