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A disgustingly hilarious Irish comedy band.
Clint velour - Guitar, vocals
Bunny Green - Drums, vocals
Vic Ferrari - Bass, vocals
James wand (AKA major james) - keyboards, vocals
Dr. Sleeze - Saxaphone, vocals

No matter what genre of music you like they'll be able to slag it. They have 2 LPs now which can be purchased world wide. "music is war" and "the camembert quartet sell out". Both concept albums.
If you're not irish you may be confused by some of the comedy in the talking tracks. The funny thing is when they're making fun of genres by making up songs in that genre's style, they may be making fun of it but the songs actually sound good.
Good tracks:

Batturburger (A slag off dance music)

California Dublin 4 (A slag off the Thrills)

Boybands are cunts (a slag off boy bands)

Gimme some o' dat cheese (a slag off funk)

We came to rock (a slag off bands like
ACDC and twisted sister)

Gimme medicine (a slag off metal)

It's all about me (a slag off rap; Eminem, Jay Z, The streets, Busta Rhymes)

Students (a slag off college students)

Serious (a slag off serious indie songs)

Slit your wrists (a slag off radiohead)

There's loads more but they're all the songs i can remember off the top of my head.
by Wezz December 09, 2004
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