A day of the week known regionally for overweight women in too-tight pants. Often in gyms, Wal-Marts, or "jogging", Camel Toes are seen when cotton or a polycotton blend shorts or pants are worn too-high or they are simply too tight, creating a "in the front wedgie" for women. (Not to be confused with Camel Tails, in men) Camel toes are not rare, you'll see them on any given day of the week, often in High School P.E classes. But Camel Toe Wednesday is a celebration of the disguting-ness of said Camel Toes. Often referred to as CTW.
One: Look at the Camel Toe on that girl! *points to girl across gym*
Two: Yeah! That's huge! Good thing it's Camel Toe Wednesday!
One: CTW! *high fives Two*
by Visit My Restaurant Arco Gas August 02, 2010

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