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-The act of pounding sooo much water, gatorade, lemonade, iced tea, milk, Coca-Cola (tm), and Diet Pepsi all day on a weak sauce night just so you can get the delicious feeling of ecstasy and the slight orgasmic feeling of letting loose such a long and stellar piss at the end of the night.
-If you're the competitive type you can turn it into a competition and have a 1 v 1 or anything and then compete for who can fill a 2 liter bottle the highest
-The night sucked and he didn't have any brew so the kid camel paked it and got a 37 second piss--with a 15 foot range

-The little bitch called out Steve so instead of throwing hands they had a duel of the camel pak and Steve won, by 2/3 of a bottle
by Xavier Zalanangas September 16, 2006
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