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A rather large nut sack protruding through the contours of someone's pants.(usually polyester pants)
Whoa! That guy in the leisure suit has a serious camel knuckle going on.
by testiclese1 March 16, 2007
21 6
When a transvestite haves a camel toe
dude check out her camel toe.

dude that a dude dress like a women, that a Camel Knuckle!
by b1l1 June 15, 2010
3 2
Man's version of camel toe
hey, check out dude with the speedo! WOW he's got some nasty camel knuckle!
by renee87 May 25, 2011
1 1
Man's version of a Camel Toe.
Hey, look at dude in the speedo.....Wow hes got some nasty camel knuckle!
by Renee87 May 25, 2011
2 4