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A rather large nut sack protruding through the contours of someone's pants.(usually polyester pants)
Whoa! That guy in the leisure suit has a serious camel knuckle going on.
by testiclese1 March 16, 2007
When a transvestite haves a camel toe
dude check out her camel toe.

dude that a dude dress like a women, that a Camel Knuckle!
by b1l1 June 15, 2010
Man's version of camel toe
hey, check out dude with the speedo! WOW he's got some nasty camel knuckle!
by renee87 May 25, 2011
Man's version of a Camel Toe.
Hey, look at dude in the speedo.....Wow hes got some nasty camel knuckle!
by Renee87 May 25, 2011
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