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Small dwelling in Surrey, England.

Where the bigger your Range Rover sport is the more fake tanned gold digging flange you shall receive.

It has one nightclub in the town centre called Tru, previously known as Envy and previous to that Joe Banana's, a true shithole is the word, if you can look past the smell of cheap perfume and B.O, look beyond it's steroid abusing bouncers you might be able to enjoy yourself in this classy establishment, keep the £2.50 bottles of VK flowing and wake up the next day with no recollection of the night before, it's the only way to survive.

If you can afford the ridiculous house prices, or afford to rent a home in Camberley - don't do it.

It's shit.
"Oooooh I heard that guys from Camberley, his mummy and daddy bought him a brand new Fiesta WITH RIMS? GO FASTER STRIPES?! AND A SOUNDSYSTEM! he plays his music so loud in Tesco car park! oh my goddddddd I must suck him off right now"
by Laulau March 13, 2012
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