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1. The best game in existence, at least until 'Gamer' becomes real. Particularly true of the Modern Warfare series as it uses current weapons + assets, theatres & battle scenarios when compared to Black Ops. Seriously, why would someone carry a crossbow to own the shit out of terrorists?

2. A girl who plays COD. This is rare but amazing.

3. Trying to explain to a girl what you've been playing non-stop for the past 11 hours.
1. Random (male): Mannnnnnn, I just shot some faggot with a 0.50 BMG round in the face. Fuck yeah, Call of Duty bitch!!

2. Girl: What the shit, why is there a big ass round in my face?

Random (male): Damn, I just killed the only Call of Duty bitch in the game.

3. Gf: What's that you're playing?

You: It's Call of Duty bitch

Gf: Ahhhhh, that's what I was playing last night, but got shot in the face close up!

You: My dream has come true!
by M0RG0TH April 29, 2011
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