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Being forced to make sales calls While not being allowed to do anything else even use the restroom
Man this call block sucks. I tried to use the restroom, but my boss took away my chair and made me stand up for the rest of the call block.
by Slanging Freight January 16, 2009

When you take your phone out your pocket to make a call, see you've got a text, read the text and then put your phone away without making the call.

It's a bit like being cockblocked but you want to make a call and you get led away by a trickster of a text.
I'm just going to ring Jim. Hmmm there's a text here off Dan. Huh no I don't want to hear about his Japan exploits tut tut (puts phone back in pocket)

Damn just callblocked myself!
by thewhackcat March 08, 2014
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