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A perfect 10 using California standards. With so many good looking women in California to be a California dime you need to meet a higher standard.
She's not just a 10 she's a California dime.
by ABC10 July 22, 2011
That whore from Hot Chelle Rae's song who went and cheated on the lead singer
"It's been a really really messed up week,

seven days of torture, seven days of bitter,

and my girlfriend went and cheated on me,

she's a California Dime but i think it's time to quit her.
La, La, La..."
by eendur June 25, 2011
A girl who is attractive, but nothing special.
Many girls in California are attractive, but because many attractive girls live there they are nothing special. (i.e. California Dime)
by Syedogood June 19, 2011
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