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Short for California Communists; a political position common for citizens of the state of California advocating an extreme leftist agenda featuring lots of entitlements, high taxes, many "protected groups" (including illegal immigrants), and "in your face/out of control" big government. Probably the inspiration for a lot of the policies that Barrack Hussein Obama is trying to shove down our throats. Its origins are in the heyday of the Sixties when the hippie movement came there to roost; and found a government wouldn't say "no" to any demand no matter how outrageous, because they were highly oriented towards individual rights. The Calicomms fouled their own nest. Their way of life looks good on paper, but the main problem with it is that California Communism fails once it runs out of other people's money to spend. Most of those who advocate this mode of government are understandably New Left Democrats and extreme RINOs.
The Calicomms are out to ruin the state of California.
by Former Wyeth Again May 20, 2013
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