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A music group from Inglewood. They brought the "california dougie" to cali and made it popular by making a song about it. They are not part of the jerking movement and they didn't copy AudioPush. The band members consist of Smoove The General, Yung (who bares a striking resemblance and voice inflection to Lil Wayne), M-Bone "the resident dancer" (the one who can teach you how to dougie straight up), and Jayare aka 3rd (He has the adorable baby voice of the group, ironically his lyrics seem to be the most vulgar and sexually explicit. He also doesn't dance, for reason unknown.)
Most people think of them as a one hit wonder but some have hope that one day they will make enough money to move themselves and their mommys out of the ghetto(inglewood).
Girl 1: Did you hear that song by Cali Swag District?

Girl 2: Yeah, "teach me how to dougie" right?

Girl 1: Yeah that one. I just love JayAre's voice in the third verse. when he says "i dont really like to boogie" i just die! and i love his lip piercing!

Girl 2: Yeah, his voice is pretty cute but my lover from that group is definitely Yung.

Girl 1: He's cute too, i like his piercings too.

Girl 2: Yeah, and smoove is aight too.
by eyespyskyy July 19, 2010
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