An Alberta hockey team full of self imporant douchebags that jump the queue for flu shots ahead of those that may really need them.
"Did you see that disgraceful bunch of fags play last night?"

Yeah that was the "Calgary Flames. They are truly a bunch of queers."
by Fancy gentleman 23 November 05, 2009
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The best fucking hockey team ever that has played in NHL history. My favorite hockey team. Oilers suck!
Joe: Did you see that last night with kipper getting the shutout and stoning hemsky on the break away with Huselius getting thatt easy hat trick on Roloson?
Bill: No duh I did you retard that happens like every month!
Joe: Sorry man I just like the Calgary Flames.
Bill: Same here.
by Jarome B.T July 04, 2007
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A professional hockey team based in Calgary, Alberta.

The Flames began as the Atlanta Flames in 1972 before moving to Calgary in 1980. They have reached the Stanley Cup Finals 3 times in 1986, 1989, and 2004. Winning two Stanley Cups in 1986, and 2004 on Martin Gelinas no-called goal in game 6.

The Calgary Flames' biggest rival is the Vancouver Canucks. Edmonton Oiler fans seem to think that the Calgary Flames are their rival, however, they can only really have rivals once they have achieved a level of playoff status that has been relatively unheard of in Edmonton for almost a decade (save a run in 2006, of whom, all the star players have left the team shortly thereafter).

Also synonymous with: perfection, achievement through hard work and sacrifice, and an Oilers fan's nightmare.
Edmonton Oilers Fan: You hit my car!

Calgary Flames Fan: How about we set our
differences aside and enjoy a shot of
whisky so we can live in peace, finally, as Alberta hockey fans?

Edmonton Oilers Fan: Sounds good

"Oilers fan takes a shot"

Edmonton Oilers Fan: who are you calling?

Calgary Flames Fan: The police
by Mateo Mraz March 22, 2009
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The best hockey team in the world. They went to the up final in 1989 and 2004. they won it in 1989. The oilers think they have a rivally with the flames, but suck at hockey
Bob: did u see the Calgary flames kill the oilers last nite?
Jim: ya, becasue the oilers are the worst team in the league
by flameslover303 October 01, 2010
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