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A fun loving guy who loves everyone...he is very lovable, hot, sexy, ect. person... he is one to fall in love with quickly, u won't be able to stop staring into those beautiful eyes he has... A Calen will be very protective and will fight anyone off for you... you will feel very protected in his arms.... A Calen is amazing is all sorts of ways, he is kind, sweet, funny, and when u first meet him you will be addicted to him very easily... A Calen will be able to cheer you up in ur most depressing moods with just a few words... with just those few words you will feel like ur in a different world... more like in a fariy tale... it just comes to show that I love you so much Calen Thibideau... <3
sexy, hot, lovable Calen thibideau
by XxxMidnitexxX January 02, 2011
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