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A portmanteau, containing a shortened form of "calculus" and the word "douche".

Refers to one who openly and condescendingly flaunts his/her higher placement in mathematics courses to others. The term is most appropriately used when one's higher placement is not determined by greater competence or skill, but instead by having taken summer courses for earlier credit or to skip the comparatively larger amount of work in the real class.

A more general form usable with other subjects consists of the construction:
(shortened subject) + douche.
Jeremy: "Do you know about limits? What's the derivative of 3, trig boy?"
Josh: "God, Jeremy, you're such a calcdouche."

Common variations include "chemdouche", "biodouche", and "trigdouche".
The usage of a general subject not linked to a year-long course is frowned upon, such as "scidouche", "mathdouche", or "engdouche".
#school #advanced placement #math #science #derogatory
by wilywyrm January 30, 2010
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