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"Cake Soap" is a "Soap" falsely advertised to make your skin a lighter tone of color. Mainly used by the Jamaican's. The false advertisement was made by Vybz Kartel a reggae singer who sung the song "Cake Soap" or "Benz Punnany" Punnany pun-an-ee is Jamaican for vagina or a womans stinky bits.
Me try the cake soap ting me buy alot me mudda say a wat u a do wit dat me tell her Vybz Kartel its the remedy ta change your skin nice.

Women take this to change there skin tone.
by God2539 September 12, 2011
Typically a Jamaican term, a detergent soap that contains bleach.
mi use cake soap cuz Kartel seh the gyal dem luv off the brown face
by Tristaaaaaaaan. January 25, 2011