In my neck of the woods, cakeboy was always used as a term referring to a male who spent wayyy too much time on his hair, regardless of whether he was gay or not. Also refers to men who use excessive amounts of hair product.
Check out the cakeboy...his hair wouldn't move in a wind tunnel.
by Erik Underwood May 24, 2007
an unsuspecting boy that can be played easily. often messed with by bored girls. often stupid
the girls approached the unsuspecting cakeboy, and soon had him paying the bill.
by cakeboyeater2 December 20, 2013
A cakeboy is a guy who gives off ambiguous intentions towards his female "friend(s)." Generally, he says and does things that confuse his female friend(s) into believing they're dating him. Cakeboys can be found in large numbers among nice guys and at Protestant seminaries.

The term cakeboy comes from the reference to cake -- it looks and tastes good for a time, but it won't sustain you long-term.
I can never tell whether I'm dating him. He snuggles up to me on the couch, but then talks about how he values our friendship. He is such a cakeboy!
by cori777 December 02, 2007
A person who violates another person with their kundalini either intentionally or by accident.
I can't believe that girl is such a cake-boy!
by ButtRogers August 06, 2008
A soft male who is suspected of beign gay.
Carl is a real bitch but shannon is such a cake boy the way he switches around campus
by charles heston October 25, 2004
A boy who enjoys cake
That fuckin' cake-boy ate my cake!
by Kane M. Leroy November 12, 2007
a cake boy is someone light and fluffy, effeminate, not where its at, not meaty in the slightest sense of the word.
the opposite of a cakeboy being a 'meat boy'(see 'meat boy').
-" Well surely you must be mistaken, Lawrence is as meaty as they come."
-'' No, no he's not. Look in his eyes and tell me he's there, tell me he's not a cake boy.''
by n. Pablo Milanoff March 20, 2006

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