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Any cake made and decorated by a professional bakery that is unintentionally sad, funny, ugly, creepy, and/or dirty, but generally in an amusing way.

The error could be ugly decorating, misspelled or incorrect words, errors in grammar, etc.The only real guideline for a Cake Wreck is that it was made in a professional bakery, and is messed up in some way.
1: I told them I wanted my cake to say "happy birthday Chris!" in orange, but they wrote the phrase
"happy birthday Chris in orange!" right on my cake! It's a cake wreck.

2: I saw this cake at a bakery that was supposed to have Santa on it, but it looked more like a pile of bird poo with a cherry on it! What a Cake Wreck.

3: I saw the funniest Cake Wreck on cakewrecks.com! It was soooooo hideous.
by Dream-Wings December 05, 2009
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