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The Most Wonderful Person In The World (: I Love Her To Dealth ! She Is The Bestest Friend You Could Ever Have ! You Really Should Go Find You A Caitlin To Keep Close To Your Heart <33 ..... She Is Ahhhmazingg !>! She Is Trustworthyy, Faithful In My Friendship. JUST THE BEST (: Well , I Think She Is Asleep Right Now. It Is 4:12 AM , And I'm up Writingg A Definition Of My Bestfriendd (: SHE LOVES ABURN......AND SHE IS BEAUTIFULL (: I LOVE YOU CAITLIN CORTES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 oHH........ p.S : I'm GoING tO sTEAL yOuR i-pOd !!! jayy kayy (: Well < im tiredd (: goodnightt !!!! : ROBOT IS COMING TO RESCUE YOU FRO BEING TOOO BEASTT ! UHH OHH...... < STUCK ON BEAST MODE ? > HAHAHA OUR NEW INSIDER ! (: BYE (:

~ Jaimie-leigh Hailee Huettner (:
I'm sure i met a " Caitlin Elizabeth Cortes (: " shes really awesome (:
by JayMeeWonderfulChickk(: January 23, 2011

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