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Someone who is the very definition of beautiful. That is, someone who is pleasing the senses or mind aesthetically and is of a very high standard; excellent (see def. of beautiful). The very presence of this person will light up the entire room because of her bubbly attitude and perfected smile. Usually characterized by her strawberry blonde/red hair, and gorgeous blue eyes, that hold more beauty then the ocean. She is always seen dancing and hopping about, and most definitely loves Disney films. She is very intelligent, but always has moments that reveal her puppy-like cuteness. Most notably, a "Caitlin" usually leads a life of freedom and spontaneity. The only people fit to love a "Caitlin" are men who are 6'1, at least 205 lbs but in athletic shape, with brown hair, and must be generally great at everything.
Person 1: I love Caitlin (Sparkles), she is the best thing to ever happen to me

Person 2: No! I love her as well!

Person 3: But I love her!

Relatively short guy: Do any of you meet said qualifications to love such an elegant creature?

Person 1,2,3: Nooooo?

Person 19: I DO!

Everyone else: Aww darn we jealous, so jealous...
by Sallyvadores May 11, 2013

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