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A person who stands as a pinnacle of excellence, intelligence, omniscience and omnipotence. If there is ever a doubt regarding any question, problem or situation in life, ask a Caillouet. A Caillouet is infallible, and will never utter an untruth of any kind. The word of a Caillouet is final and unbreakable, as it is the law that governs all existence. A note to all the ladies, a Caillouet is the best lay in the land.
Scorchingly sexy woman 1: I though I could never have a better orgasm than a vibrator can provide, and then I met a Caillouet!

Scorchingly sexy woman 2: I know. I have never gushed fountains until I had the pleasure of bedding a Caillouet.
by Darth Phoenix July 24, 2009
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