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The Cage Effect (or Cage Syndrome) is a curious consequence, whereby a film containing more than 30 minutes of scenes with Nicholas Cage will become instantly worth watching; regardless of the quality of the script, concept or acting.

This effect is most notable in especially bad films as the appearance of Cage converts any drama into a yet unnamed form of humour. The greater the intended drama the more hilarious Nicholas Cage will make the scene. Thus during scenes in a film that should be serious, moving or tragic the audience only concentrates on how Nicholas Cage will deliver his next line.
Tom: "I was supposed to be concentrating on the intriguing unravelling of a conspiracy by Nicholas Cage but all I saw was him in a bear suit punching people."

Simon: "Must have been the Cage Effect dude"

Tom: "Totally"
by 5f17dd871da September 04, 2010
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