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"Café Crawlerism" or CCism encompasses both motorcycle abuse and a trendiness dependence. CCism in the classical illness model will follow a progressive course: if a person continues to modify the motorcycle, the performance and appearance will worsen. This will lead to harmful consequences in their life, physically, mentally, emotionally and socially. The emotional progression of the addict’s response to the modification can be seen in four phases. The first two is considered “normal” modification and the last two are viewed "typical" Café Crawlerism. The four phases consists of, 1 learning the mood swing; a person is introduced to modification, in some cultures this can happen at a relatively young age. The person enjoys the happy feeling, at this stage there is no emotional cost. 2 Seeking the mood swing, a person will make further modifications to regain that feeling of euphoria; modifications of higher complexity will be required. Again at this stage, there are no significant consequences. 3 At this stage there are consequences, i.e. part miss-fitment, free-play problems, holes in the pistons due to long-term lean carburetor settings, oil shooting out of the exhaust pipe, binding the rotor due to upgraded calipers, herniated disks in the spine due to clubman bars, hearing damage due to riding around with open headers, etc. 4 The person will continue to ride and modify the motorcycle disregarding the problems. This stage is detrimental and is a risk for premature death.
"Hello my name is Rafael and I suffer from Café Crawlerism.
I purchased a BMW K100RT in perfect condition and I was compelled to modify it after seeing a Café Racer K100 on youtube and now have been on a 2 month modification binge. I keep telling myself that my bike is a Café Racer but after noticing that the performance and appearance has worsened, I discovered that I had a problem. I could not stop tinkering with the motorcycle and this affected my marriage. I understood that I was powerless over modification and my motorcycle was an eye sore."
by MotoSurgeon October 12, 2011
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