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(n.)A black guy who only gets dressed up nice once a year mostly just on easter
(v.) When one only gets dressed up nice once a year
(v.2) Intoxicated to the highest level with Weed, Syzurp, and Alchohol.
(n.) 1st nigga-That nigga only gets dressed up when we gon' hit up the club.
2nd nigga- Yea that bitch is a Cadbury Nigga
(v.)1st guy-Unbelievable,I can't believe that shit in New Orleans right now.
2nd guy- What the fuck you say...Cadbury Nigga!?!
by SHY-LoC September 08, 2005
A person that's brown/black on the outside, and white on the inside.
Carlton form Fresh Prince of Belle Aire was a Cadbury Nigga.
by MaxP0wer July 16, 2006
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