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1.(n.) A term used for someone of low or seemingly no intelligence; similiar to the IQ of a can of lard. Can also be used for wannabes.
2.(adj.) When someone or sumthing is so annoying that one wants to rip the annoyance into pieces
1."OMFG, there's this guys at my school; he's such a Cabanillas"
"Why what did he do?"
"At an assembly he randomly scram out NIGGER."
2."You f**king Cabanillas"
by crazy legs mcgee, alucard June 11, 2008
A whore-like person who randomly gives blowjobs while riding the bus. also, enjoys having orgies with her stuffed animals. Owns multiple vibrators and sex toys. If first name "justine" is also applicable, rape her immediatley, she is a complete whore.
Cabanilla is such a whore, she fucked me AND my brother yesterday!
by this.was.not.a.person. April 01, 2011