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Christian Youth Theater
A place where young people put on spectacular musicals and plays
A place where many of the straight guys are hot
A place where most people are nice
A place where you can belt into Zippity doo da and no one blinks
a place where secret pal sheets are obsessed over
a place where you meet friends that will allways be there
Your mom probably won't object to having CYT guys at your house becuase they are gentlemen
A place that is pretty exspensive
A place where non-guitar players are a minority
Where super-saturday is the best thing youve eva experienced
Where you will go out side and sometimes the guys will be playing football i the parkinglot, and soetimes its the girls
A place where you walk into the first dress rehersal and you hear people screaming: IM HOME!!!!
A place that is amazing!!!!!!!!
Hey Jessi, you wanna comeover tonight
HECK NO! I have CYT spokane rehersals!
dang it.
by Pyro and Newtella May 09, 2010