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cvs- chuckling very softly
1. Your responce was humorous and left me cvs.

2. "As I sat cvs, I plotted my retort."

3. Unworthy of a lol.
by BDMAC January 13, 2010
Chassis Vibration Sensor. dashboard object in the form of a hula girl or bobble-head with a spring
Time to check the tires; the CVS is going haywire
by rhinozrus February 12, 2009
clown versus smurfs
Hey do you want to play CVS?
by maxpissed January 01, 2008
1. Oh my gosh LINDSAY! We Just CVS'D!
2. So we just went to CVS on Theo's tempurpedic mattress.
3. Did you hear? Theo and Sarah went to CVS together, I think it was their first trip there.
by SS AA RA AB H March 01, 2009
chuckle very softly the true meaning of what ur doing when someone says sumthin funnee on a.i.m.
xxjloxx:yeah tht was soo funny
xxjennxx: cvs
by Big Dillon June 14, 2007
Derived from the intolerably poor service at CVS pharmacies. CVS parmacies can be found in most major american cities of the east coast. Employees are often rude without provocation, uncooperative and offer slow service. term can be applied as a description of such service at any establishment or the general demeanour of any particular person
"when i called to make changes to my account she got all CVS on me and then kept me on hold forever"

or when hearing a story where the teller isn't sure how to descride the rude and lazy manner of their subject one might offer "so... he was real CVS, huh?"
by walgreen's fan November 25, 2008
Crusty Vagina Slime- A thick vaginal discharge, usually accompanied by a foul, unpleasant odor. Usually only associated with dirty sluts.
That slut had sex in my shower and now there is CVS all over the floor.
by Chelsea March 06, 2005