a place where it is simply, white trash with a lot of cash. there is soo much incest amongst the older hick population that it is impossible to know who is married to whom. the younger generation are OC posers and, honestly, you will NEVER be true So Cal 'cause not only do you probably not know who your father is, you live in the desert, listen to too much country, and spend hours on end at the ponies or more accurately at the pizza joint on highland giving crap to the workers. remember that the people you diss are the ones that are leaving while you stay behind and go to Chaffey for four years.
shorty: i smell and have a huge gap in my two front teeth...oh and i have nothing to do today, but leave work for the ponies. twinkie, will you keep an eye on the shop?
twinkie: sure thing, i'll come by and check unexpectly 'cause the workers are dumbasses. but of course i don't keep an eye on my shop 'cause i let my workers smoke by the shrubs in the back in the wild fire season while i make passes at the young white girls at the pizza joint.
shorty: sounds good! just tell me when the slaves change the oldies to their horrible music...all that alternative rock scares off anal UPS store.
by inland empire April 16, 2005
Top Definition
Where all the Mexicans live.Foothill & below. Above that is where the white people live which is RANCHO Cucamonga a.k.a. Alta Loma.
barrio cucamonga
by Shygirl March 21, 2004
A term describing a women's breasts who inhabits the Rancho Cucamonga area of southern California. (usualy large)
Man did you see the Cucamongas on that girl.
by Cucamongas bro July 17, 2011
it is a la suburb,
lots of white people with money
by rzzz May 06, 2003
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