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Some woman who smokes constantly and sleeps with everyone.
CSWB: I sleep with everyone and during or in between i smoke ciggaretes and i also smoke at every possible moment
by Elliot November 09, 2004
Chain Smoking Whore Bag

A woman who smokes during every second of her spare time, which is often spent with a penis in her vagina and anus, but excluding the time when her mouth is full with a penis and/or semen. Therefore she is addicted to smoking both cigarettes, and cock.
Playa 1: Yo, that bitch is a CSWB!
Playa 2: Ya man, she was smokin the whole time I boned her last night!
Playa 1: I do say, you appear to have very low standards and a rather bleak sense of self my friend.
by CSWB-hater December 09, 2004