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The act of someone, in most cases female, seeking to see if a man is lying or already in a relationship by asking several questions of the CSI-ee and friends, looking around the apartment/house and/or online for clues like a Crime Scene Investigator.
Leah noticed a bra in a man's bathroom, dishware for two, and a photo collage of a girl in the guy's place where she has visited for the first time.

"The second she entered the house, she began CSI'ing the place."
by BluePumpkin May 20, 2009
When you really wanna blaze, but you have to do it outside, after a snowfall. The snow shows where you go, where you blaze (ash, roaches, etc.) and then heading home. Making easy evidence for a cop.
It's so sketch to go CSI-ing, cops could bust us so easily!
by randomkyle December 19, 2008
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