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Abbreviation for Chronic Sweaty Anus. After playing outside for a long time, a layer of sweat fills your anus and it becomes uncomfortable to sit down. When entering an airconditioned room, a cool sensation flows into the oriface.
Yo man I just played soccer for three hours I have the worst CSA.
by nezander April 01, 2010
11 25
An acronym for "Cheap Shot Artist."
Man, Citrone is a real CSA. That guy really gets off on firing cheap shots at his counterparts!
by C-Barry November 29, 2006
202 57
Child Sexual Abuse
Commonly used hashtag on Twitter and a longstanding acronym used by abuse prevention/survivor support groups. "Help stop CSA in your community."
by steve5777 July 06, 2012
14 4
CSA csa #CSA top definition... CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE
#Sandusky charged with 42 counts of CSA Child Sexual Abuse. hash tag on twitter #CSA #ChildSexualAbuse #ChildSexAbuse

CSA is pandemic in the United States and around the world! Stop Child Sexual Abuse #StopCSA
by dylansmoosie July 06, 2012
10 6
Corporate Suck Ass
So, Reggie talked his way into a new leadership role in IT. What a CSA.
by Sweaty Beer Can March 07, 2012
0 7
Chain Smoking Asians: A bunch of Asians who like to chain smoke at various places non-stop. However, other people who participate in these activities with or without Asians can still be called a CSA. These activities usually happen in social settings.
Guy 1 (Asian): Hey I'm getting tired of dancing, wanna go CSA outside for a bit?

Girl 1 (Not-Asian): Yeah, let's go CSA and get some air.

Girl 2 (Asia): Hey! I'll come CSA with you guys too.
by Number 1 CSAer June 06, 2010
4 24
coordinated shark attack. to be attacked by 2 or more sharks working in harmony.
Did you hear about John? They say he was walking down the street when he was hit by a pretty nasty CSA. Two hammerheads and a mako I think. Luckily he was carrying his spear gun with him that day.
by puertalian February 16, 2008
45 97