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community-supported agriculture! get sweaty and eat your beet greens!
CSA projects help local farms, provide delicious food, and are beautiful.
by aflijsng March 09, 2008
24 121
An acronym for "Cheap Shot Artist."
Man, Citrone is a real CSA. That guy really gets off on firing cheap shots at his counterparts!
by C-Barry November 29, 2006
202 57
Child Sexual Abuse
Commonly used hashtag on Twitter and a longstanding acronym used by abuse prevention/survivor support groups. "Help stop CSA in your community."
by steve5777 July 06, 2012
14 4
CSA csa #CSA top definition... CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE
#Sandusky charged with 42 counts of CSA Child Sexual Abuse. hash tag on twitter #CSA #ChildSexualAbuse #ChildSexAbuse

CSA is pandemic in the United States and around the world! Stop Child Sexual Abuse #StopCSA
by dylansmoosie July 06, 2012
10 6
Corporate Suck Ass
So, Reggie talked his way into a new leadership role in IT. What a CSA.
by Sweaty Beer Can March 07, 2012
0 7
Abbreviation for Chronic Sweaty Anus. After playing outside for a long time, a layer of sweat fills your anus and it becomes uncomfortable to sit down. When entering an airconditioned room, a cool sensation flows into the oriface.
Yo man I just played soccer for three hours I have the worst CSA.
by nezander April 01, 2010
11 25
Chain Smoking Asians: A bunch of Asians who like to chain smoke at various places non-stop. However, other people who participate in these activities with or without Asians can still be called a CSA. These activities usually happen in social settings.
Guy 1 (Asian): Hey I'm getting tired of dancing, wanna go CSA outside for a bit?

Girl 1 (Not-Asian): Yeah, let's go CSA and get some air.

Girl 2 (Asia): Hey! I'll come CSA with you guys too.
by Number 1 CSAer June 06, 2010
4 24
coordinated shark attack. to be attacked by 2 or more sharks working in harmony.
Did you hear about John? They say he was walking down the street when he was hit by a pretty nasty CSA. Two hammerheads and a mako I think. Luckily he was carrying his spear gun with him that day.
by puertalian February 16, 2008
45 97