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Short for Can't Remember A Fuckin Thing. Usually used as an expression to describe your previous night of binging.
"So how was last night mate? Dunno, I had a CRAFT night!"
by Muggus November 26, 2003
"Had way too much to drink last night, woke up completely CRAFTed"

"Am in a state of CRAFT"
by mrmackey May 06, 2010
C.R.A.F.T. is an acronym for the phrase "Can't Remember Fucking Thing". It is also the name of one of the worst bands to bless the planet. They take classic Irish tunes and then proceed to make the crapiest shuffle rock you've ever heard. Ironically, you'll never be able to forget the band because, honestly, who can forget three guys shitting in your ear?
Son: Mommy, who is that playing that music?

Mother: Why that's C.R.A.F.T. dear.

Son: When I grow up I also want to be part of the shittiest band ever created.
by DutchRutterlover December 12, 2010
Cant Remember A Fucking Thing

A group or gathering of people who wish to consume alcohol to another level.
"went out on friday, became o member of the craft society!"
by Dan November 17, 2003
Can't Remember A Flippin' Thing!
As in "I'm having a C.R.A.F.T. moment". Sometimes caused by involuntary memory loss, sometimes a selective memory relapse used purposely to avoid getting involved in discussing an event.
by EStieB May 23, 2006
Frequently used by gay black males: To steal; to shoplift; or to obtain an item(s) /service(s) by bouncing checks.
Chile you know marcy got caught crafting in wal-mart while trying to get materials for her effect;

he got locked up for crafting; i hear he was writting bad checks craft whore crafting to craft
by corolla December 10, 2009
Can't remember a fucking thing
"dude, I drank so much last night and now i'm suffering from CRAFT"
by mariap September 18, 2008