CPL has many other explanations, but one of them that isn't on UD yet stands for Commercial Pilot Licence.

It's the third licence in the row to become a professional airline pilot.
A: Hey do you have a pilot licence?
B: Sure mate, I have CPL.
by RPOA380 August 28, 2009
Top Definition
This is the abbreviation for the Cyberathlete Professional League.

Launched June 1997, the CPL is the first organization in the world to advance computer game competitions to the level of a professional sport.

The CPL is a global leader in competitive computer gaming, having held live tournaments on five continents, it also sanctions a large number of qualifying tournaments held in over fifty countries.
I visited the CPL last year.
by Mafutrct July 11, 2005
copy paste lifestyle - same shit different day; you have been pasting a routine that you copied a day in the past.
Person 1: what's going on?
Person 2: not much. cpl man, everyday.
by 3-1-7 April 30, 2011
abbreviation for couple

used in some chatrooms
user: Young_Cpl_for_bi_female
by skiddidy do wop May 12, 2011
Cyberathlete Professional League:
Where the best gamers in the world get together to battle it out in order to win a $100,000 prize. www.thecpl.com
I am going to the CPL!!!
That is so NOT cool.
by Super Bling Bling in the D O C March 09, 2004
cpl stands for Concealed Pistol License. It is the term used by some states instead of (CCW) Carry a Concealed Weapon. The majority of States (33) in the USA allow citizens to apply for cpl permits. The permit does not allow a person to carry a weapon anywhere. People are still restricted from carrying where alcohol is served, government buildings, airports, schools, and so on. Although the requirements vary by state, to get a cpl, a person must pass a background check, not be mentally unstable, or a convicted felon.

You currently can't get a CCW permit in Illinois, but the NRA lobby has proposed a few bills this year to change that.
To bad about the shooting in the church. If the cpl laws did not restrict carrying there, maybe someone could have stopped the shooter before he shot so many people. The police finally arrived after a score of shots were fired and two persons were killed.
by pje April 08, 2009
Candy and Porn Locker. A locker that is devoted to assloads of candy and numerous pictures of dirty smut.
AAWWWW SHIIIIT, MAN! I can't wait to refill the CPL. Fanchin!!!!
by Ryutiss August 20, 2008
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