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Is a California based eco-fanatic/warrior that has nothing better to do with his time then to point and meddle in everyday affairs of normal day to day people. A Corporate Avenger is anti well...just about everything with a corporate logo. He's anti-McDonalds,WaLmart,Subway,Chevrolet,Ford,US Military etc etc. He's convinced that every type of food in the American grocery store is going to kill us in the next week, and the only way to avoid this is to eat what he tells you to eat. And thats just the Corporate part. He's also a global warming alarmist that is 100% positive that the entire human race and planet is doomed if you dont take his urgent advice. He's a borderline soon to be eco-terrorist and if he isnt then his offspring surely will be due to years of eco-brainwashing. His off spring are going to be the ones that burn entire housing developments down just for the simple fact that it was an "eco-threat". A Corporate Avenger is a fanatic for his own gain and no one else's.
Oh great....Hide your McDonalds wrappers the Corporate Avenger just peddled up on his "eco-friendly" bike.
by Vic/DA January 05, 2010
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