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Call of duty 4 is homo game, all the l33t uber snip3r PwNrs get you as soon as you go out in the open, on numerous occasions i respawned and was shot instantly, you cant kill people on your own team, but probably most importantly you cant kill people on your own fact the only game that can be worse then call of duty 4 is probably flip cup a shoddy and disrespectful ripoff of beer pong that fails in all most every aspect....
Marcus: "Ay dog how come you never accept my game invites for COD4 Call of Duty 4 them graphix are ill and i shoot these niggas lights out like lebron james"

LaTroy: " yous a bitch and suck at halo i only like the campaign and you cannot play it co-op over xbox live, also if i was at your house if i wanted to play over xbox live with you i could not because the game does not allow for guests, the matchmaking sucks because everyone is clumped together in a mass orgy of noobs and h4rdc0r3 gamers, hit me up when gears 2 comes out my nig"

Marcus: "Damn dog i feel you as long as gears of war 2 doesnt include that korean guy and that dude with the mask for COG, their bitches"

LaTroy: "yea thats probably the only thing COD4 Call of duty 4 has going for it that it doesn't include Kim, and Carmine but it doesnt have Cole train you dig

Marcus: "here comes the train!"
by disABALa April 13, 2008
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