Being bombarded by achievements and completed challenges while playing Call Of Duty.
I was playing some COD last night and I got a head shot while crouched, I instantly receieved one of the sloppiest COD-BJs of my life.
by Zuc03 November 23, 2010
Top Definition
When you get a blow job while playing Call of Duty!
guy "I love COD!"
girl "But, I want you!"
Guy "I love COD!!!"
girl "ok!" *unzips pants*

Guy w/ friends
Guy "I just went 30-2 when i got a COD-BJ last night!"
Out to Grant
by COD Master July 01, 2008
Call Of Duty Blow Job-

When your getting a blow job while playing call of duty
Dude my girlfriend gave me a codbj last night!

No way!

Yes way!
by iamthec0deman November 13, 2011
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