Getting head while playing call of duty.
Dude I my girlfriend just gave me the best codjob. Now my K/D streak is through the roof.
by TynanB November 22, 2010
The act of getting a blowjob or handjob whilst playing Call Of Duty.
Yesterday I brought this girl home; she made me a sandwich, then gave me a codjob. It was chill.
by danman.10 April 02, 2011
recieving any sort of "job" while playing call of duty. (hand, blow, etc. etc.)
dude, my girl just gave me the best codjob
by cod brah November 12, 2010
The act of receiving a blowjob while playing any of the Call of Duty games
"Yo dude, while I was playin' some COD with mah boys the other day, may bitch came over and she was sucking me off. Perfect codjob. I nuked in her mouth and all over her face.
by Dylan Marx January 03, 2011
When playing Call Of Duty and simultaniously recieve oral pleasures from a significant other.
"was blasting up some undead nazis and she started giving me a CODjob.

by TommieDizzle October 14, 2010
Gettin sum head and gaming-a vicious blowjob while playing call of duty- pronounced "cod-job". Only considered a true C.O.D. Job if you finish the level or round while recieving, also helps to pay more attention to the game than the mouth.
My girl was tired of watching me play all nite, and started giving me a C.O.D.Job to get me off the game. So I finished a level or two before I finished getting her.
by Solomacn August 01, 2012
The act of playing call of duty and having a lady friend suck your wiener
WOW! That cod job really hit the spot.
by Darb and Shayden December 28, 2011

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