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A person, friend, family member that plays any Call of Duty game 24/7 with only bathroom breaks. You can also hear them yelling through the wall at 3:00am and later. They are always angry if they aren't playing and usually have no friends in real life.
Me: My brother is a COD whore 24/7 and he never shuts up.
Bob: Yea, I hate those people, they have no life.
by theamazingpinoy November 13, 2010
(n.) Someone who has the stamina to play Call of Duty 4 or 5 for a combined 115 days in game time, or anyone who plays so much, that they deserve said word. Anyone who uses a bot, or is uberobsessed in/with said game.
Bob: Jesus Christ! I didn't even have time to spawn!
Joe: Fuck dude, xXExampleXx is such a Codwhore.
Codwhore: Hell yeah, I'm on fire! Mom, shut up! I don't need a life.
by Jimbo McBrothermane August 28, 2009
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