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1. the physical and emotional sensation experienced when eating something that is truely amazing, usually resulting from stimulation of the taste buds and usually accompanied by a "hmmmmmm" sound.
2. Most the time a CO is caused by partaking in a cullinary good that catches the eater off guard and is particularly amazing causing a reaction called the Cullinary Orgasm or "CO"
1.After tasting the carrot cake cheese cake that Ivy had made for the first time, Adam paused as he had a "CO - Cullinary Orgasm" and let out a slow deep "hmmmmm that's amazing"
2.Laura bragged to her girlfriends that the roast she had made gave her husband a "CO"
3. Allan slowed down to enjoy the taste of the sushi with watermellon pop rocks that topped the dinner off with the big "CO"
by Lee Ivy June 12, 2009
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