Carpet Muncher; a girl or group of girls that are totally obsessed with one another, almost to the point of being lesbianic.

Can also be used as a verb when referring to actions that are being done with other girls or "CMs".
"Happy birthday lover! Here's that 3 carat diamond floating necklace you wanted...Only the best for my CM!"

"Yeah the CMs aren't coming out tonight...they're probably running around their apartment doing nude sit ups or discussing their sex lives..."

On an away message: "you fine, but I ain't gon' sweat ya': CM'n with my ladies ;-)"
by BirdGirl April 04, 2007
child Molester, one who prays on the innocent and weak, especially little boys under the age of eight. Drives a window-less van with duel sliding doors.
Little Johnny was walking home from school when he was abducted and molested by a cM that offered him candy.
by valor November 11, 2003
An abbreviation of "cotton mouth", a term to describe the feeling of thirst you sometimes get in your mouth, no matter how much water you drink to attempt to quench it. It feels lie there is cotton in your mouth absorbing all of the liquid in your mouth and throat.
I went home and drank 3 shot-glasses full of pure lemon juice to try to end the cotton mouth I had.
by SHIBBY-ONE April 16, 2005
cum strand - a strand of penis excretion
i have a cm comin out of my ear
by joe December 18, 2004
The best band ever! Formed in Jasper Tennessee in 2004 it is by far the sound of the future with hit songs such as "I Live in a K-Mart Bag" "Playing Laser Tag With Boris" and their power ballad "Forbidden Love"
OMG did you see the CM concert!!!!!!
by Steve May 09, 2005
Well then im a cM
Like when i walk home from skool i cM all the lil girls that pass me by
by Dc3 November 14, 2003
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