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CLR Syndrome is a term used to describe people who type using excess characters, inproper case, and abbreviated words in online chat rooms, online bulletin board systems, and e-mails. The term was originally coined after the tendancies of a netizen who goes by the nickname 'CLR' in online chat rooms who exhibits the said behaviors in nearly all of his messages. The actual originator of the term is disputed, however it is said to have been coined by 'Jonneh' or 'Brynet-Inc'. Still, from the moment 'CLR Syndrom' was muttered it has stuck. CLR Syndrom could also be described as an intensified case of 'l33tsp3ak', 'netspeak', or 'AOL speak'.
Sentence typed by a person free of CLR Syndrome:

Hi, my name is Q. What is your name? I'm excited to be here. What's up?

Sentence typed by a person infected with CLR Syndrome:

HI MY nAME IZ Q. WAT UR NAME??????/// I M XCITED 2 B HERE!!!!!!!1 WAT UP????
by The Chipper July 31, 2006

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