Shortened term for "Cute Girl." A girl in which is physically attractive towards another person.
Jack - I saw a million CG's at the mountain today
John - Oh yeah? did you talk to any of them?
Jack - Not this time, next time i will.
#cute girl #girl #hot #attractive #lady
by Blackerthanblackester January 03, 2010
Someone who is a total bitch.
Charles is such a CG, complete bitch.
#bitch #idiot #simple #projecting #and ugly ass
by Really the Truth Guy October 07, 2011
Having sex in a public toilet (usually a putrid one) on impulse.
usually brought upon by claiming your going 'for a shit' and looking suggestive
man #1: i was at the shore last night, and i seen this ho and we TOTALLY went for a CG
man #2: SCORE!
#cg #shit #sex #toilet #public
by Eric-Shaun May 02, 2009
Used in the context of explaining the physical appearance of someone. Defined as cheap and greasy.
"Look at what they are wearing, that is CG"
#cheap #greasy #trashy #poor appearance #under-dressed
by Colleenie January 09, 2008
cachinnating guffaw - an alternative to the overly used lol
AiMDuMaSs1: I ripped a fart today in school
aImdUmAsS2: cg
#lol #lmao #laugh #guffaw #rofl
by melal October 08, 2008
(V., Adj., Noun)
Cheap Greasy, or CG as most people have come to call this "style" can be achieved with very little effort. This "style" can best be described as, well, cheap and greasy. The newly founded term "CG" can apply to a certain hair style, article(s) of clothing, shoes, accessories, belts or even jewelry-in other words, the possibilities are virtually endless.
Articles of clothing with lame sayings, most commonly found at department stores such as Khols, JC Penny, Sears, K-Mart, Hot Topic, ect...would be "CG". Common "CG" "brand names", if you will, are Angels, Candie's, Energie, GLO, l.e.i., SO, Mudd, and Unionbay, just to name a few.
BUYER BEWARE:DON'T BE DECEIVED, Belts that come free with jeans at stores like these are free for a reason, they are "CG" and will most likely give you a rash.
ie. Graphic Tee's with the words "Princess", "Hottie", "Angel", or "Lil' Devil" are just a few examples of a "CG" shirt. Belts that come free with jeans at stores like these are free for a reason, they are "CG".
"Jean on Jean" is one way to pull off the much desired "CG" look with very little effort. And if the jeans, and/or the jacket is/are embroidered, even better.
In order for something to be concdered "CG', it must posess or be consisted of one, or more of the following:
Sparkles, rhinestones, studs, cartoon characters, cheap fabric, poor fitting,...
#cheap #greasy #straight up ugly #white trash #tweedy bird
by briedog May 29, 2007
CG is the letter definition for a chinese girl.

CG is used as the short form.
Look at that sic ass CG...shes is off the wheels, like an 18 wheeler.
by HT July 22, 2004
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