a football league starting with five teams and has since lost one due to lack of interest. The season runs on varying schedules the 2010 cup has since been won by the pitman team. The cup was awarded on 31/8.
man: hey jamie whats the stats on the cfl?

jamie: looking into it taking the tippings tomorrow.
by pieface6547512 September 04, 2010
A exclusive group of selected brothers. Thise group is called C.F.L., which stands for "Chuchos For Life."
Kenny, Edgar, Oscar, Aggie, Looper, Pedro, and Padilla are C.F.L.
by Kenny R. December 31, 2008
crying from laughing
that was the funniest joke ever! now i'm cfl.
by lovelydirectioner March 03, 2012
Crappy Football League. A Canadian football league with only 8 teams and 6 make it to the playoffs. A place for NFL rejects and no talent Canadians to shine. Any Canadian with talent will go to the NFL (i.e. Doug Flutie, Mark Rypien, etc.)

The size of the football is a monstrosity. Old and washed up bums continue to play in the Crappy Football League.
American: So you watch football?

Canadian: Yeah I watch the CFL.

American: Oh the Crappy Football League that they have up North? LOL, how is that league exciting when theres only 8 teams and they're always playing against each other. Go watch real football like the NFL.

Canadian: OK
by Ban Gua November 08, 2009
C.F.L. cry(ing) from laugher/laughing
when Alex ran strait into the stop sign yesterday, every one was CFL.
by marshalmelow November 02, 2010
when "laughing out loud" (lol) just doesn't cut it now you can be "crying from laughter" (cfl)
just use cfl instead of lol or HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH or any ridiculously out of control hysteria!
by crackfoxy April 23, 2011
An acronym meaning "crying from laughing" .
Person 1: "Hey dude, do you play RuneScape?"
Person 2: "CFL"
by SylentSeething October 17, 2008
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