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One of the playable classes in World of Warcraft.
There are also BFDs, TFDs, OFDs, TreeFDs, FFDs, SFFDs, and AFDs.

Less exciting than CFPs.
i r cfd

by CFD Mangle August 27, 2009
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An acronym for "Cluster Fuck Disaster", a phrase that describes a hopelessly disordered situation. It achieves the most utility when used by engineers in an academic or industrial setting, as it shares an identical acronym with Computational Fluid Dynamics, a popular branch of fluid mechanics.
Student: "Dude, let me copy your homework, I have no idea what's going on with these equations I copied from the other guy, its totally CFD."

Engineer: "Did you go to that meeting today? Nobody knew what was going on. CFD."
by t-mayn-99 February 16, 2010
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C.F.D, Compulsive F-Ball Disorder.
When one gathers all trends and stereotypes and begins to form an alternate personality where they are indeed not a loser.

CFD affects many confused teenagers who find copying others is "cool".

CFD victims often are the following: Emo, Preppy, suffering from "Anxiety", "Social Anxiety", "Panic Attacks", "Bi-Polar", and many other common BS such as ADD and ADHD.

CFD victims are suspected to have, legitimately, multiple personality disorder(s) and dyslexia.

They often make absolute NO sense with what they say, so you are left to guess what they meant in their statements.

Stay safe and DON'T support CFD - it takes REAL people to stop this genetic disorder affecting the world.
Quotes from a real CFD victim:

"I pretend to be "happy", which IF you see a smile on my face, don't fall it, stupid."

"If you tell me your deepest serect, I'll keep it to the point, where I will hate you, sometime"

"Anyways; from this, you can tell, I hate kids who are on medication, I'm very Judgemental, and that my life sucks period, even though we are half filthy rich. :)"
by Stop CFD Corporation (SCC) January 28, 2011
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This infection is strange, in that you have to accept it to catch it. It is airborn and spreads around early November causing,(the smartest of victims at least) to begin the disease's mentally in-built mission at once:

1. (Pretend to) Make friends with anyone and everyone

2. Become as close to them as possible (without of course, spending any cash on them)

3. Usually found Complimenting all the time

Their primary objective is to get you to buy them stuff for christmas- DONT FALL FOR THEIR PLOY! :O

Lonely, spoilt children become infected usually during teenage development, and once they are, they immediately begin to associate with people they've insulted all year long in the hopes of getting extra stuff come the winter holidays.

The only known cure is to give them nothing for christmas or buy them something which costs u no more than 1p ;)
Freddy: "Damn, mum won't buy me that new £1999 widescreen for my solid gold bed and HIFI setup :(" "Life's so unfair"

Random person who freddy hates: "Dude how come your eyes are glowing?

Freddy: "I love you. Let's be best friends forever. yessum."

Bob: "Get back! he's got CFD!"

by Yoyoajnemz November 18, 2007
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Nate is such a cfd today.
by Smelly B January 21, 2004
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code word for chinese fire drill to hide it from those uninformed.
Jan yelled CFD right before they ran around their car.
by crazydriver June 26, 2010
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Completely Fucking Disgusted
What has happened to our once great Country, CFD !
by Twisted-not-Sick May 13, 2015
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