A random statement said in company, with little or no meaning, causing others to look at each other with raised eyebrows. Invariably including the word "jizz"
Pulling a cdb:

Fred: "Did you see the match last night?"
Pete: "Yeah - I dont think it was a penalty"
CDB: "I jizzed all over my xbox last night".
by leaners of ballycolon April 07, 2004
Top Definition
Cock Deprived Bitch
A woman that has gone for a long time without getting laid or engaging in any sexual activity with a man is CDB, cock deprived bitch. Due to the hormonal reactions of her unsatisfied sexual urges, she becomes bitchy and easily irritated.

Her bitchiness is described as a violent outburst resulting from internal sexual pressure in a sudden and often violent matter.
by montrealguy1983 June 03, 2011
Common Douche Bag, a regular Douche who gives no craps about their friends, and ignores them (alot).
Tom: Max! Max! Max!
Max: Soooo. Steve how's your game going?
Steve: M8 it's going gr8!
Tom: What a bunch of CDB's!
by ultranova March 15, 2015
An acronym for "Cum Drenched Butt Slut," the name of a porno DVD from the book entitled The Average American Male, by Chad Kultgen. Can also be used to describe some fly breezy that you see walking down the street that gives you a hard-on on the spot.
random guy: damn, c-wigga's been mackin on alotta hoes lately

other guy: man fuck dat shit, he only macks on all the cdbs's, they'd suck off anyone
by pingpong34985 May 09, 2007
A series of books consisting of words and phrases in which individual letters are pronounced.
(See The Bee? The Bee Is A Busy Bee, Oh Isn't He?)
by Lucas December 21, 2004
Acronym for "Crazy Drunk Bitches" - refers to females already lacking in maturity for their age that experience such effects in an amplified manner via excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages. Originally used as a stereotypical description of strippers, the term can be expanded and generalized to include any female in any nightclub or "party life" setting that exhibits immature behavior, generally on a middle-school level.
Driving the party bus last night was so stressful because of all the CDBs on board!
by RVA's DJ Pizzle June 11, 2011
someone who specializes in the field of being a douche bag and has several certificates all of such certificates are invoked by his niggas
Juan Sauceda Aka King Douche He hands out the degrees hisself.

nigs a bonified cdb son!
do work
by getdat January 19, 2008
Clever dirty bastard. A person who is cleverly dirty whilst being a bastard.
Joaqim was all over the innuendo on that social network last night. No one even noticed. What a cdb!
by a420stoner February 17, 2011
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