CD-Rs are shiny disc-shaped objects which are sold in packs of about fifty. Once purchased, they can be used as bird-tables, wheels for large toy cars, hula-hoop rings your pet stick insect can use to keep itself in shape or things you can twirl around on top of sticks like in kids' variety shows. They can also be instrumental for your survival. If you are ever attacked by a T-Rex or other dangerous flesh-eating dinosaur, use the shiny surface of the CD-R to reflect the sunlight into its eyes. This will dazzle the beast and allow you valuable time to escape.
Note: CD-Rs are not for use with any kind of computer. If you put one in the disc drive and try to save any documents or data on it, you'll get a message telling you to insert a disc in the disc drive. That means the kind of disc which can be recorded on. These kinds of discs are currently on sale in most good stores on the planet Arcturus 3, or you can order them from Merlin's Mystic Store of Magic (ask for Harry).
by Stormsworder October 01, 2007
Top Definition
Abbreviation for Compact Disc - Recordable

A plastic disc with a thin layer upon the "top" layer to which data is recorded by a CD-R or CD-RW drive that doubles as a label.

The label is, in almost all cases, incapable of being written upon except by a Sharpie and few other felt-tip pens which are uncommon to all mankind.

The plastic disc itself also doubles as a dirt and scratch magnet, making it almost unreadable within one to two months.

The common CD-R is seen and sold without any kind of protection. They are sold en masse most commonly in ammounts of 25, 50 and 100 discs at a time.

CD-Rs originally were able to contain a volume of 74 minutes of CDA or 650 megabytes of data. Newer (and the most common) CD-Rs now are able to store 80 minutes of audio data, and a round 700 megabytes of files.
I needed some place to stash my files, so I whipped out a CD-R
by Kichigai April 11, 2004
Cooldown Reduction

Used in computer games.

Cooldown reduction, will reduce the amount of time, you will have to wait, between casting spells.
Can we please go get the blue buff, I really need the CDR.
by bivases November 20, 2011
The most popular means of copying music, games, graphics, programs and digital information in the modern computer age. Now more popular than cassettes.
At Best Buy they are selling Memorex CD-R's for $4.99 after a $10 rebate!
by Whatever April 08, 2003
n. compact disc - recordable
I backed up the data on a CDR
by reptiles October 04, 2002
Acronym - Chick to Dick Ratio
Example A
Guy 1: You can't be seriously bailing on us..
Guy 2: The CDR is HUuuuuuuuuge.
Guy 1: Oh.. Ohhhhh!! Well then.. have fun dude!

Example B
Guy 1: This party is gonna be hella gay..
Guy 2: Why? I think it's gonna be fuckin sick.
Guy 1: Well, the host decided it would be a great idea to keep the CDR reaaaaal low.. It's gonna be a sausage fest.
Guy 2: Bummer...
by usair4ce0ne July 16, 2010
Short for Chris Douglas-Roberts, a guard for Memphis Tigers, the greatest basketball player ever. He's also quite a hottie
and a Detriot native

also known as Buckets
Did you see CDR's dunk over Kevin Love? That was awesome!
by Essie Parker April 18, 2008
A digital format widely used to backup games, music, data, whatever you want to cram on it. Soon to be outdated by the DVD
I ripped a cd-r! And it only costed 25 cents!
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